Commercial Branding


I want to thank you for considering Curtis Powell Photography for your business's photography needs!

I am confident that I can deliver exactly what you are looking for within a reasonable budget.  Should you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me!

I look forward to working with you!

I want to help grow your business !

In today’s world most people define their identity with the products they associate with. How are you, right now, showing your consumer base that you, your product, your vision, is something they should incorporate into their identity?

Let me help you do that.

Before your brand photography sessions begins, we will have a planning consultation to create a number of stories to showcase to your audience on a daily consistent basis. The goal is to share your story, and to deliver enough imagery to keep you current and relevant.



Let’s talk about which option is best for your business structure!

Regardless of the chosen option, all require a planning consultation that can only be scheduled once your brand questionnaire is completed. During the planning consult, we will discuss story options and how they should best be used to promote and highlight your business. 

There are 4 flexible options to choose from in order to best serve your needs. The first option I will cover is very popular and commonly is the beginning of a recurring relationship. 

  1. The *One Month option is a non-term-based agreement that provides a great trial period without any binding length of term. With this option, you will receive 30 images for posting each day of the chosen month or rolling month. Each image providing a continual story to your future clients. 

  2. The **Recurring Monthly option is the most intensive option and provides the most solid content. With this option, we will schedule a planning consultation every month along with shooting the brand session each month for the content of the succeeding month. This is the strongest option for businesses experiencing rapid growth.

  3. The **Recurring Quarterly option is an ideal choice for businesses that are established, with a stable consumer base, but are wanting to strengthen their consumer base. Planning consultations and the brand sessions must be completed each quarter; which provides content for the full succeeding quarter.

  4. The ***Recurring Quarterly Combo option is the perfect choice for businesses with expected lulls due to seasonal influences. Like the Recurring Quarterly, planning consultations and the brand sessions must be completed each quarter; however, 1 quarter out of the 4 is structured as a Monthly planning and brand session. 

For a limited time I am offering an incentive for the first session at a 50% discount!


*A typical session will normally last approximately 4 hours depending on the structure of the shoot. 

**Both Recurring Monthly & Quarterly options require a 6 month or 2 quarter term contract respectively.

***The Recurring Quarterly Combo requires a 1-year term contract.

All sessions require a planning consultation prior to each shoot.

Let’s schedule a phone consult and get the ball rolling!