Latin Night at Seville

It’s Wednesday evening, and much like any busy parent with obligations to Wednesday evening church service, I am hurriedly trying to get our teenagers to their destination so that they are able to join their peers on a trip to the beach for Olive’s Beach Bash youth worship. After making sure they are all set and our toddlers are safely in their rooms I head over to kiss my wife on the cheek and let her know I’ll be able to pick up our older two on my way back from photographing our friend’s salsa class at Seville Quarter.

I photographed this class once before last year and life quickly raced forward not granting me another chance until now. The class is a lot of fun. For the most part, it is made up of people wanting to get out and try something new. I’m pretty sure some of the attendees know each other, but as far as I can tell I would say most of them are strangers to one another. Regardless everyone has a great time attending and learning some new dance moves. If you have the opportunity to make it out to Seville on a Wednesday evening I highly recommend attending one of Hannah’s salsa lessons. You can find more info through her Facebook group ‘Salsa Basics with Hannah’. It is an open group and should be easy to find. You can always reach out to me through my contact page if you are unable to find any info.